Why cv. Bina Alam?

Tell me, and I will forget, show me, and I may remember, involve me, and I will understand… Confucius

Survival and Success are belongs to Organizations that can effectively tap the dormant Human potential towards Creativity, Innovation and Team Synergy. New strategies and approaches are in constant demand. Dealing with Uncertainties, Managing Ambiguities and Pioneering Blue Ocean Strategies have become Managerial requirements. Outbound Experiential Training by cv. Bina Alam attempts to bring about a paradigm shift in Individual Behavior and Team Processes to integrate and synergies Individuals, Teams and Organizations in a Recurring Learning Cycle.

It also provides a platform for simulation of principles of Organizational Behavior and Management. While conventional training methods impart theories and principles of Organizational Behavior and Management, there is an ever increasing need for individuals and teams to get the opportunity to practically apply these principles in real life situations and learn from experiences.

cv. Bina Alam uses a unique blend of fun and adventure based team activities and the methodology of David A Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle and other proven concept to bring about dramatic transformation in Teams. The focus is on what ‘Learning can we take away to the work environment at our Organization’ and 'How can we sustain our team in a Recurring Learning Cycle’. Each programmed is tailored to the training needs of the specific group.

Outward Bound Training
Our Outward Bound programs are based on a "development-by-challenge". We believed that Outward Bound was about training the mind through the body.

We provide the clients with challenging experiences in a supportive educational format so that everyone would develop inner strength, character and resolve.

We used the physical movement for training (from low, mediun to high impact), but the desired effect was very much psychological and social. Our philosophy revolved around the importance of helping participants to discover their true capabilities by impelling them into experiences that would help them to find their greater capacities. That's what experiential learning is all about.

We believe human endeavor knows no limits but many of us are not fully conscious of our true potential and capabilities. It is only when we venture out of our comfort zone and expose ourselves to the unfamiliar (as they may appear but nature friendly) situations, we realize how much the physical, moral and mental are reserves that we possess. We at
cv. Bina Alam initiatives, use tools that nature provides us in various forms such as mountains or rivers or lakes or valleys or trails, in order to make participants realize their hidden physical, moral and mental potential.

Indoor Training
It is recognized today that there is a need to continue training beyond initial qualifications to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout working life. In the context of many professions and occupations, this may be referred to as professional development. Training and development always goes hand in hand to keep abreast with the fast pace of development. Bina Alam initiatives also impart indoor training as per client need, eventhough it is indoor we make it activity based to get the involvement of the participants and make it experiential learning.

The objective of our training programmes is to bring ‘Change’ in participants’ behaviour with new perspective by providing them with necessary skills required towards their profession and life-.

Safety is always our utmost concern and ensured at all times / cost.
Instructor to participant ratio is maintained at 1:10.
Doctor is in attendance for mediun to hard impact training like Rock climbing/Rappelling etc.


Asahan River, where the spirits growing back on. Medio 2000

... Each man practices as he feels inclined.
... There are four ways in which men pass through life: as gentlemen, farmer, artisans and merchants....

Shinmen (Miyamoto) Musashi, the second year of Shoho (1645), the fifth month, the twelfth day.

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